Rule 1:40 Mediator, commercial cases, for the New Jersey State Courts (Bergen County) since 2001.

Mediation Experience: Wide variety of commercial cases, corporate governance cases including conflicts among departing shareholders and partners of closely-held entities, multi-party (as many as 12) construction cases, wide variety of real estate ownership and landlord-tenant conflicts, multi-party probate and estate conflicts, employer-employee conflicts including enforcement of non-compete agreements.

Course Work: Basic Mediator Training, November and December 2001; Advanced Mediation Training and Mediation Skills conferences, seminars and workshops sponsored by the Internatinal Court of Commerce ("ICC"), Center for International Legal Studies, American Bar Association, and New Jersey State Bar Association.

Teaching Experience: Mediation Coach, "Annual Basic Mediation Training, Conflict Resolution Theory and Techniques," Association of the Bar of the City of New York, 2003, 2005, 2007, 2009; Center for International Legal Studies conferences: "Drafting for International Arbitration" and "Avoiding and Resolving Hedge Fund Disputes"; Mediation Mentor, New Jersey State Courts, 2006 - present.

Over 40 years of transactional experience, negotiating

  • Mergers and acquisitions;
  • Corporate financings:
    1. Public and private;
    2. Debt and equity;
    3. Secured and unsecured;
    4. Domestic and cross-border;
  • Shopping center construction contracts, leases, ground leases, and other commercial real estate transactions;
  • Operating agreements, including:
    1. Trademark and service mark licenses;
    2. Computer software licenses;
    3. Supply agreements;
    4. Joint buying and cooperative advertising agreements;
    5. Franchise and distribution agreements;
    6. Service agreements; 
    7. Software development agreements;
    8. Employment and consulting agreements.
  • Deal Sheet for more detailed information.
  • FAQ for questions about mediation.