Corporate Governance:

Designed and implemented corporate procedures to support federal securities law reports requirements, inform boards of directors of securities law restrictions and requirements and ethical obligations, and implementation of corporate governance standards.

Designed and implemented corporate procedures and educational programs designed to assure compliance with anti-trust laws and regulations, and avoid the appearance of violating behavior.

Litigation Management:

Designed computer systems and supporting corporate procedures to manage various types of litigation, including assuring centralized information and management of employment discrimination, anti-trust, workmen’s compensation, customer complaints and personal injury cases.

Operations Management:

Designed and implemented procedures to manage independent contractors in dual-distribution store-door delivery system;

Designed computer system and implementing procedures to centralize corporate real estate information, including plants, warehouse and distribution centers, sales offices, railroad rights of way, and undeveloped properties. System included tickler for payment of rents, taxes, insurance, etc., calculation of escalations in rent under various types of escalation clauses, and tracking and comparison of component and total costs of facilities by type and geographical location, thus facilitating cost controls, intelligent negotiation and efficient allocation of resources.