Arbitrator for the American Arbitration Association (AAA), FINRA (and its predecessors the NASD, and the New York Stock Exchange) since 1990. Claims valued in excess of $500 million.

Commercial disputes, including large complex cases, for example:

  • Between a U.S. insurance agency with unique proprietary patents for an institutional insurance product and a European-based publicly-traded insurance company regarding joint venture business and assets, exclusive licenses to intellectual property, customer lists and other rights and obligations under complicated interlocking contractual arrangements involving BOLI (bank owned life insurance) and COLI (company owned life insurance), reinsurance, SVP (stable value protection) and DMBS (data base management systems), with claims in excess of $500 million;
  • Between large regional bank and large computer software systems designer, developer and integrator, both publicly-traded companies, involving claims in excess of $30 million;
  • Between private U.S. company and international, publicly-traded European-based telecommunications company involving several agreements to provide high-bandwidth computer services, including large DBMS applications, equipment, and services to support international Internet backbone communications with claims in excess of $50 million;
  • Among shareholders, regarding enforceability of compulsory buyout of minority interests;
  • Among parties to computer systems licenses following following disputed terminations;
  • Sole arbitrator of various contractual disputes regarding computer software and systems licenses, system performance and service agreements.

Numerous securities industry claims involving customer complaints, e.g., churning, unsuitability, unauthorized trading, failure to supervise and fraud; unlawful employee discrimination claims and broker-dealer relationships with principals and clearing firms; Limited partner claims against hedge funds and private equity firms and their general partners.

Arbitration Strategy Consulting & Support:

  • Special considerations in arbitration;
  • Expert witness on arbitration panel decision-making;
  • Expert reports;
  • Tailoring arguments to the panel.

Course work:

  • AAA Commercial Arbitrator Training: Opinion Writing; Dealing with Delay; Chairing a Panel; periodic Advanced Arbitrator Training; Basic Arbitration Training, Fall, 1990;
  • FINRA / New York Stock Exchange Training: Employment Law and Sexual Discrimination; periodic Arbitration Skills Updates;
  • Anuual bar association seminars and presentations on alternative dispute resolution.

Teaching experience: Center for International Legal Studies, Conference on Lawyering in the International Market - Arbitration, Panel Chair, "Drafting the Arrbitration Clause".

Expert consulting, as an expert in arbitration.